About us


stands for our names,
Lissy and Marcus and our hobby.

Here we want to introduce ourselves to you:

Hei, I'm Lissy.
until 2006 I had no contact to Herpetology. Then I got into it overnight. My "faves" are aboreal spiders, especially birdspiders of the genus Tapinauchenius  and of course my jumping spiders. I also love my micro geckos and hope to breed them in a few time.
Apart from that I study vetenerian medicine and hope to find the possibility to vet reptiles in the future.

...here's me, Marcus, I entered the world of terraristic back in 1995 with a couple of mixboas, which I kept in my collection until 2010.
As time went by I "tried" and breeded different species.
Birdspiders, which I keep and breed since 1999, have became more and more my passion.
I hardly can name a favourite, maybe it's the genus Poecilotheria.

Our second focus is on snakes and dartfrogs
, but we also have a green iguana, some geckos and toads in our collection.

Truly this little kingdom is ruled by our chaotic cats Gimsi und Luzi(fer), we're lucky to be allowed to live with our zoo in their territory.