For Sale - Wanted

FH = moult
KL = bodylength
St. = piece
Abgabe ab = offer from (e.g. from first moult on)
volle Farbe = full colour

For sale:

Expected breedings (eggsacks) of:


Tarantulas Of Africa" (DIN A1)

Pictured are 30 species of the genus:
Augacephalus, Ceratogyrus, Encyocratella, Eucratoscelus, Harpactira, Harpactirella, Heteroscodra, Hysterocrates, Idiothele, Monocentropus, Pelinobius, Pterinochilus,

Per piece 8,- €.

"Tarantulas Of The World" (DIN A1)

Pictured are 30 species of the genus:
Acanthoscurria, Aphonopelma, Avicularia, Brachypelma, Ceratogyrus, Chilobrachys, Citarishius, Cyriocosmus, Cyriopagopus, Grammostola, Haplopelma, Heteroscodra, Holothele, Lampropelma, Lasiodora, Nhandu, Poecilotheria, Psalmopoeus, Selenobrachys, Selenocosmia, Theraphosa

Per piece 8,-€

"Tarantulas Of The World 2" (DIN A1)

Pictured are 30 species of the genus:
Aphonopelma, Avicularia, Brachypelma, Chilobrachys, Chromatopelma, Cyriocosmus,
Eucratoscelus, Euathlus, Haplopelma, Lasiodora, Lasiodorides, Nhandu, Ornitocthonus,
Pamphobeteus, Paraphysa, Phormictopus, Pterinochilus, Poecilotheria, Theraphosa, Xenesthis.

Per piece 8,-€

Changing might be possible, just offer your breedings!

Subject to modifications!

Worldwide Shipping possible, ask for details.