Rules in buying animals

Breeding animals is our hobby, not our business. Even if every thinking person should know these points, we saw in the past, that it's better to write them down as rules.

We remind you, that you're not buying things, but animals. The constitution of every living organism depends on many factors. We can only influence some of these factors and only as long as the animals are with us.
We only offer animals that look and behave healthy. A missing leg is no healthy problem for a spider!
From the time you've buyed the animal, it's your responsibility to look after them and keeping them healthy. It's not our responsibility anymore! So have a close look to the animal you want to buy on a fair. Take it only if it is conform to your perceptions in species, size and sex.
From a certain size on, we try to sex the spiders by microscope. Only if we are shure, we write the sex on the boxes. If there's nothing written on the box, we do NOT know the sex. We can take a look at the ventral side for you, but that's not a safe procedure to sex a spider. We always give you the possibility to take ventral look yourself. If your estimation is wrong, it's not our business.

Reservation of animals is only possible after prepayment.

The buyer is just as responsible for the animal he's buying as the seller!
So have a close look and if you are not skilled enough yourself, take someone with you, that is!

Thinking of that rules makes life easier for you, us and also the animals.

And again: We're talking about animals, not about things!